1byone Belt Driven Wooden Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable Record Player Review

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1byone Belt Driven Wooden Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable
Mar 19
This 1byone Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable, has a unique blend of retro styling, solid wood, unique sound, and contemporary technology.
The stylus and arm are pre-set, and can’t be adjusted.
The This 1byone Bluetooth Record Player, comes with Built-in Bluetooth, which transforms this turntable into a great wireless speaker.
The 1byone vinyl turntable, comes with Vinyl to MP3 recording functionality. This allows audio to be transformed into MP3 files. You can enjoy your vinyl recordings anywhere, any time.
The 1byone vinyl turntable, has been engineered and hand tuned, by our audio experts, to ensure the best possible sound. It also has a selectable 33, 45, and 78, RPM speed setting.
If you’re looking for a great modern wooden turntable, or Bluetooth stereo speaker, this 1byone Wooden Bluetooth Record Player, will give you the best of both worlds.
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