5 Tips To Help You Grow Your Business With Video Marketing | Tip 1 Video Marketing Research

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5 Tips To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing Pt 1
1. Research
When creating videos, never forget that all your efforts might go down the drain if you don’t understand your target audience.
From the moment you put up the video, everything will depend on your consumers.

So, take your time and dig deep to find out about what your audience need and want before you start producing videos.
Understand the demographics, culture, location and ask yourself:
How can the company create content that is engaging and easy to consume for the target audience?
Which type of video content is more suitable?
How long should the videos be?
For instance, if you are targeting a millennial audience, then the ideal length for your videos should be at most 60 seconds.
Cisco predicts that by 2021, more than 80% of the internet traffic will be video.


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