Affordable Hurricane-Resistant Sunrooms & Carports | Pensacola Factory-Direct Backyard Structures

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Are you tired of rebuilding your outdoor structures every time the weather tears them down? Tired of fighting for insurance on buildings that can’t take the wind?
Sunrooms are a luxury that can be difficult to maintain in Pensacola, which is known as one of the United States’ worst locations for hurricanes, but it’s not impossible.
Titan Sunrooms uses a unique set of materials, designs, and techniques in their hurricane-resistant sunrooms to withstand any weather, and include a 40-year warranty.
They use Colorbeam aluminum in all of their designs, which is engineered specifically to withstand high wind speeds of up to 170 mph.
Constructed out of galvalume steel, Colorbeam aluminum is twice the strength of most standard aluminum construction materials you see today.
Their structures are manufactured in Florida, and delivered directly from the factory to you, with no dealers, middlemen, or suppliers.
Though the company specializes in sunrooms, they also have hurricane-resistant designs for screen rooms, carports, blockhouse sheds, patio covers, and other outdoor structures.
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