Chicago Gourmet Ethiopian Restaurant Offers Traditional African Culinary Delicacies

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Chicago Gourmet Ethiopian Restaurant African Culinary.

Chicago Gourmet Ethiopian Restaurant Offers Traditional African Delicacies

Feb 02
Chicago, Illinois USA
The bar at Selam Kitchen is stocked with all the usual choices and a few traditional highlights such as honey wine.
Kitfo is just one of Selam Kitchen’s unique offerings. A few other specialties include quanta, tire siga and Goden tibs which are short ribs grilled with rosemary, garlic, and more
A culinary culture that revolves around raw meat is distinctly Ethiopian. This cultural affinity is the basis for kitfo, one of the signature dishes at the Selam Kitchen.
Kitfo consists of ground raw beef deeply massaged with a spiced and clarified butter called niter kibbeh.
In the culinary spaces of any American city, there is an over-saturation of almost every cuisine under the sun. In this scenario, authentic Ethiopian food comes as a breath of fresh air.
Selam Ethiopian Kitchen
Solomon Abebe
Phone: +1-773-271-4300
Address: 4543 N Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 60640, United States


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