DVD Cosmogony Of The 3 Worlds, now with free MP4 file

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DVD Cosmogony Of The 3 Worlds, now with free MP4 file
DVD with free MP4 file
DVD The Cosmogony Of The Three Worlds now offered with a free MP4 FILE. Get a DVD while we still have some stock!
The Cosmogony of The Three Worlds is a documentary that shows archaeological evidence of different building styles within the Inca ruins, in and near, Cusco, Peru.
The central role of the first style, because of being located under or in the center of the later two styles, is clearly shown. As if the Inca’s built over something already existing.
Also you can see how vitrified stones exist in the Inca sites, a technology not understood still, and how there are stones that appear to have been molded.
You can get the DVD now for only $20 including an MP4 for you to download, so you can see the documentary on your Ipad, tablet, computer or cellphone.
Jesús Gamarra and Jan Peter de Jong



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