Groundbreaking New E-Service Revolutionises The Future of Plastic Surgery Clinic Marketing

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This strategic initiative aims to reshape the landscape for plastic surgery clinics worldwide, providing them with a powerful tool to acquire and retain new patients in an era of challenging industry competition.

Elevating Visibility, Authority, and Patient Acquisition

In the age of digital dominance, a robust online presence is vital for plastic surgery clinics seeking to stand out. Recognizing this, Excel Performance Media’s new E-Service offers a tailored solution available in their e-store. This service becomes an indispensable resource for clinics, helping them attract and retain new patients through hyper-targeted content authoring and omnichannel publishing.

Plastic Surgery Patient Precision Targeting for Unparalleled Marketing Impact

Standing out in a crowded market requires precision, and Excel Performance Media’s E-Service excels in this area. By focusing on precision targeting, the service ensures that engaging and informative content that resonates with potential patients is created to reach the most relevant audience for plastic surgery clinics.

Monthly publications feature articles on various plastic surgery procedures and treatments offered by the clinic, addressing the special needs, concerns, and desires of potential patients while maximizing profit growth for the clinic.

Creating Valuable Content for an Unmatched Clinic Visibility

Excel Performance Media’s proven formats for content marketing include news articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, and social media posts – all in one go. These materials not only educate the audience on different plastic surgery procedures but also position the clinic as a trusted authority in the industry. This strategic approach aims to dominate the local marketplace and tap into medical tourism to attract patients nationally and internationally.

Omnichannel Marketing for Wider Reach and Engagement

When it comes to market dominance creating valuable content is only half the battle – distribution is equally crucial. Excel Performance Media employs an omnichannel marketing method that consists of strategically placing plastic surgery-related content across various online platforms, including high-profile news outlets such as Google News, Business Insider, USA Today, Fox News, and NBC, and over 400 other publishing outlets. This approach significantly increases the clinic’s reach, engagement, and visibility, attracting more potential patients to the clinic’s website.

Boosting Visibility, Ranking in SERP, and Measuring Success

Hyper-targeted content marketing and leveraging high-profile news brands improve a clinic’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. This not only increases exposure and visibility but also positions the clinic as a top authority in the plastic surgery space, leading to a significant traffic increase in sales. Clinics typically see a rapid increase in Google rankings within 24-48 hours after distribution. Monthly snapshot reports highlight gaps in visibility and track progress. This continuous improvement results in higher exposure, more calls, and an influx of patients through the clinic’s door. At the same time, regular snapshot reports reassure the clinic’s management that their marketing dollars at work are well spent by monitoring the progress made.

Proven Results: Significant Growth in New Patient Acquisition

Clinics adopting Excel Performance Media’s E-Service report a surge in new patients after each publication. The ongoing dissemination of content across diverse channels, platforms, and news outlets ensures clinics reach their right audience, resulting in increased patient inquiries and consultations.

For further details on this innovative E-Service, visit Excel Performance Media’s e-store:

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