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We Write News.


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We take the time to learn what’s real and what’s fake, so you won’t get duped with the vast amount of information you encounter online when skimming the internet and coming across “the news.”

We admit it,

We Are News Junkies


who love investigative journalism and reporting.

Our small team often has the chance to be behind the scenes of the most recent events… peeking at the last developments in different industries and niches, taking a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. In such occasions, we try to react quickly and cleverly.

We often get out. We are addicted to talking to humans: policy-makers, big influencers, artists, thinkers, newsmakers, creative developers, insiders, leading authority representatives, public relations and marketing experts… or simply to people who challenge our perceptions of life.

Together we discuss crucial issues of our time: global politics, economics, technology, space exploration, business, hard science…you name it.

We love to get a good argument, see the bigger picture, and dig deep to uncover the smallest details.

We often step up: we take the microphone, the cameras or sit on our keyboards to capture the stories we hear and see. We share what we know. We make lots of noise.

We are writing and reporting back to you, our readers and viewers, stories about the issues that matter the most. We cover news YOU CARE ABOUT and stories to which you cannot remain indifferent.

We are passionate about exploring and explaining the key themes of our constantly changing world and making sense of what is happening today.

We didn’t start out thinking we will become

Your Favorite Digital Storyteller & Trustworthy News Source.


This is our mission and we do our best to deliver.

All things considered,

UBCNEWS Fixes A Broken Media Industry.


UBCNEWS reflects our idea of providing the most rigorous news analysis and sharing an objective detailed information on what’s happening here, and in different corners of the globe.

UBCNEWS: this is what we believe the news should sound and look like: appealing, engaging and most of all, informative.

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