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David Pearson



managing editor, technology journalist & activist

David has written widely on technology, entrepreneurship and business topics and has multiple acclaimed titles.

He is a tireless advocate for reducing the carbon footprint and promoting a more Eco-friendly life by increasing the use of alternative clean energy and electric cars.

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Cathy Milan



curious journalist, analyst

In her reporting and writing, Cathy explores new theories and methods for personal growth, productivity, and enlightenment.

She also thinks and writes on issues related to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, consciousness, emotions, immortality, and creativity among many others.

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Sebastian Hill



investigative journalist, reporter

Sebastian loves to harness the power of mobile devices and social media to reveal the trending topics of the day.

He is a journalist who is constantly in search of hard evidence when exploring and deconstructing different conspiracy theories and paparazzi-snapped photos.

He always takes an uncompromising approach to reporting and interviewing.

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James Wolf


writer, researcher, contributor

As an investigative journalist, he reports on the developments and launches of brilliant new products and services.

His favorite topics include science and technology, cybersecurity, space exploration, bioengineering… and board games.

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