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The world is changing
An awakening
People around the world are waking up to new possibilities. They are wanting to experience…
More freedom from the old restraints and limitations blocking growth, success & personal happiness.
More clarity and greater alignment between ideas that make sense,and, the power of heart-felt feelings.
People are remembering the ancient teachings. A wisdom, long forgotten on living a more balanced and fulfilling life.
People want to feel more secure and confident in their ability to fix life’s problems and be in tune with higher thought and activity.
Today’s sciences are helping people to understand the connections and oneness of all life.
Your next step?
Harry Palmer, founder of, Star’s Edge International, reminds us…
look within!
That,”the most important lessons are already contained in your own consciousness”
The Path?
Harry’s mission in life is to advocate for self-improvement & transformation as the path to an enlightened planetary civilization.
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