Bishops Stortford Dualflo water softeners for homes and businesses installed by Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd

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Hard water limescale
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July 12th 2019
Soft water can extend the life of your appliances and removes existing hard water lime scale buildup from the plumbing system.
Soft water helps clothes and dishes to look better and your skin will feel softer. Soft water allows soaps to lather better and requires less detergent for laundry;
Washing your hair in hard water leaves your hair feeling very coarse and dry, as if there is a coating on it. Soft water will alleviate this issue and your hair will feel soft and shinier.
Harvey Dualflo water softeners are keeping hard water out of houses in Cambridgeshire, Thanks to Aquamaster water treatment Ltd. looking after new and existing customers.
Hard water limescale buildup in your hot water cylinder will cost a lot more energy to heat up your hot water. You can stop this happening with a Dualflo water softener.
Water Softeners Used on Hard Water lime scale removal Aquamaster Water treatment Ltd has been installing water softeners in Cambridge since 1975. If you like washing with soft water, Have a Harvey Dualflo block salt water softener fitted Today!! Call 01354 740 896 07534 419 276


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