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Are You Found on Google?
New Method Provides Page 1 Rankings within 48 Hours
Jul 19
In 2019 the heartbeat of every business is getting new leads. With over 60 Billion users per month, Google is King when it comes to online traffic. The problem however is getting on Page 1 quickly and at an affordable price.
The Experts at Green Crimson have cracked the code when it comes to getting on the first page fo Google (without touching your website) quickly without breaking the bank.
They do this by getting a Local Business Published in the media which includes global giants Yahoo and Reuters along with over 400 other news sites across the United States.
In this case study Green Crimson was able to get 432 keyword phrases in the # 1 position, with a total of 499 keyword phrases in the top 10.
In their latest case study, out of 870 top 20 keyword phrases 608 was in the #1 position. With a total of 770 in the top 10.
Green Crimson is looking to obtain more data from this method, so they have created a BETA Program offering 5 publications within the next 90 days with 75% of the cost covered. Now is the time to get your business the online visibility it deserves quickly and at a low cost!


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