100k Shout Out Price Demo & Discount: OmniPresent Marketing Campaigns with AmpiFire App

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100K ShoutOut Review:OmniPresent Campaigns

Do you want to introduce your products, & services to the whole world via various channels
Is your forte in article writing? And you don’t like so much video making and audio recording?
100k ShoutOut
The course & AmpiFire, the automated content amplification app, enable you to quickly create omnipresent marketing campaigns: high-quality
press releases, attention-grabbing blog posts, professionally-looking videos, infographics & podcasts…

AmpiFire features  templates, images, and sounds… a wide range of media for your creative projects.
Powerful tool
The content amplification app helps you create short, high-quality news announcements: all you do is fill in a form.
The software can transform your articles into professional-grade videos… no experience or editing is necessary.
You can then  distribute your high-engagement AmpiFire ShoutOut campaigns on YouTube & Vimeo and on more than 400 brand name media sites with just a couple of clicks.
Learn how to run omnipresent campaigns by joining the 100k Shout Out course. Then automate the process with AmpiFire.
Create awesome amplification marketing campaigns that instantly gain buyer traffic. Join at ampifire.com


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