120/80 & Beacons Point Merge & Rebrand Offering The Best Digital Service For Businesses

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Beacons Point and 120/80 have joined forces to create
Behind The Work:
a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in solutions to drive leads and conversions.
Want to attract, retain, and grow your customers?
The best US marketing professionals all agree that digital is the way to go.
You could make 50% more sales through leads created by inbound marketing.

87% of marketers say that it’s video content which most engages new customers.
Behind the Work are SEO content creation and video marketing specialists.
Their new team features content creation specialists from Beacons Point and digital data marketing analysts from 120/80.
They know digital marketing.
The combined expertise at Behind the Work offers the most comprehensive range of digital marketing services to businesses like yours from all over America.
Let Behind The Work help your business grow with digital transformation and marketing, including strategy and implementation.
Go to behindthework.com to find out more.


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