1968 Plymouth Barracuda Super Stock 426 Hemi T Shirt 50 Years

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1968 hemi super stock factory lightweight dart & barracuda tribute
Quarter Mile Addiction celebrates 50 Years of Super Stock Drag Racing with a Tribute to the Factory Built 1968 SS/AA Hurst Hemi cars.
“2018 marks the half century celebrations for these iconic muscle cars and we are celebrating this historic year with this amazing tribute t-shirt”
As the name suggests, Quarter Mile Addiction is a company that is all about drag racing, muscle car and hot rod enthusiasts.
Quarter Mile Addiction have also created 1960’s & 70’s nostalgia style drag racing t shirts to represent all 3 of the “Big Three” car manufacturers.
“The 1968-2018 t-shirt sale is going strong and they are available in either Men’s or Ladies premium fit with sizes ranging from small to 3XL.”


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