3 Reasons Why New Omnipresent Marketing Service is A Must Today

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3 Reasons Why Omnipresence Marketing Service is a Must Today
If you want new clients, you need to be able to be found in a Google search for your industry. Most businesses won’t be found in such a search.
Those who know they have to be online may only have a website or a Facebook page & don’t know how to use them effectively. Today, that’s not enough.
More is better on the internet. Quality content about your business strategically placed so your perfect target audience can find it easily is key.
What is Omnipresence? Omnipresent is defined as widely or constantly encountered or widespread. Think of Coke or Kleenex.

These products are found everywhere and the brand names are so recognizable that they are interchangeable with the product: Coke=soda & Kleenex=tissue

Business owners don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to research how to do this. Let alone try to implement this themselves.

Custom Advantage Marketing will do it for you. We’ll create the content, and deliver it so your perfect target audience will find your message.
Compared to SEO, this digital marketing strategy gets faster and longer lasting results than SEO. Blogs are a small part of Omnipresence marketing.

Any business will benefit from an increased online presence and this works well with other marketing. Call to see if this will fit your goals.
Pricing can vary and a discount is being offered during this launch period starting September 23, 2019. Say Joanna sent you to qualify.
Contact Us At: Vita@CustomAdvantageMarketing.com or call 248.819.0112 to book a no obligation15 minute strategy session. Thank you.


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