Amp Makes Instant Payments Possible By Allocating its Token as Collateral

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What Makes AMP Unique?
Flexa and Consensys developed AMP. Flexa network’s native token AMP makes instant payment authorizations easy
AMP Crypto Price Prediction.
Flexa’s digital network eliminates chargebacks and unexpected reversals so that payments can be made
Amp Accessibility Money Performance
AMP runs on Flexa Network, collateralizing payments as a digital token.
AMP Digital Token
The advent of the digital coin, AMP, in 2020 is a significant contribution by DeFi to the entire world.
Flexa Network
AMP is an Ethereum based token and it acts as collateral for payments made using the Flexa Network
AMP Crypto Price
Based on our AMP price predictions, a long-term increase is expected; with a 5-year investment.
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