Assisted Living is Not Being Prioritized with PPG or Testing amid Covid-19

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The press needs more stories that showcase senior living providers who are actively protecting residents from Covid-19, despite limited resources.
Most assisted living operators have never been faced with a pandemic where PPG and testing kits were needed but unavailable; the gov’t must prioritize
While senior living is a business, it’s first order of priority is and always will be residents.
Media stories are raising concerns over the number of deaths in assisted living & suggesting it’s associated with an unwillingness to invest in PPG.
This is not true. Providers are doing everything possible to protect both employees and residents. Most lack response to reqeust or are ignored.

Assisted Living communities as a whole do not have access nor have been made a priority to life saving personal protective gear or testing kits.
It’s time to tell the full story. Contact Traci Bild at for a story quote or interview introductions.


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