Best 2022 Real-time Notifications Internet-Connected Convenient Wifi Smart Safe Bolt

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Easy installation

Emersware, an e-commerce store for home décor and design products based in Wyoming, has released a new Best
Remote open
from anywhere

Their new Smart Safe Bolt offers customers Real-time activity notifications and security alerts Along with
Not everything makes sense for the hotel safe – stuff like passports and prescriptions sometimes need to be
Loud audible &visual alerts
Can access it whenever the owner needs it with the smartphone, the built-in keypad, or the backup key, and
Sealed storage
Smart Safe Connected
Connected = Protected

Emersware recommends the Wifi Smart Safe Bolt, the safe features a sealed compartment for storage so that
Smart Safe Connected
In addition to their new Wifi Smart Safe Bolt, Emersware retails an expansive collection of storage


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