Best Holiday Events Party Favors In LA: Personalized Typewritten Haikus For Guests

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Haikuists are now offering event holders in LA, like yourself, the opportunity to give out utterly unique party favors in the form of personalized haikus for each guest. 
Dubbed as a photo booth for the soul, Haikuists will bring a playful literary touch to your next party and give your guests a memento they will remember forever.  
In the wake of a string of positive press for their work at East Coast events, from organizations like The New York Post, the Haikuists are proud to announce their arrival to LA. 
In a city where the parties always have to be bigger and better, they believe that their haikus can make the difference between your night being one to remember or one to forget. 
When the Haikuists arrive at your event, they will come donned in retro party ensembles that channel the Jazz Age cool of writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
Your guests will have the opportunity to tell the poets whatever they want and the poets will then turn this thought, idea, memory or prompt into a personalized haiku.
The Haikuists will type this up on their antique typewriters so that your guests are then able to take this printed haiku home with them. 
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