Best Home Loan Type in Australia to Purchase a Home

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What type of home loan would suit me?
When selecting a home loan, it’s important to consider what your individual needs not just the interest rate.
Fortunately you have a wide range of homes loans to choose from and all with different interest rates, product features and fee’s
It pays to shop around and find the right loan that suits your needs and circumstances.
The better the fit – the happier you will be and it could also result in more savings over the life of the loan.
Some features you should consider include:
Split home loan – for example your home loan amount is $300,000 and you would like one portion of $150,000 fixed and another $150,000 portion variable
Ability to make additional repayments above my interest
An offset account or a redraw facility
Linked savings account or credit card facility
Find the loan that suits your needs.


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