Bluewater Pro water purifiers and filtration solutions for domestic and commercial customers in the UK.

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Bluewater Pro purifiers
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10th July 2019
Bluewater Pro 600C Hf-HR has the perfect solution to tackle the water impurities in municipal water used in professional kitchens and restaurants.
A Bluewater Pro 600C water purifier fitted to a professional Dishwasher
can boost bottom line substantially by halting the hard water limescale build-up that clogs up machines.
The Bluewater Pro will stop the cause of cloudy residue on glassware and crockery. Thanks to Bluewater Pro post-wash filtration, the use of chemical cleaning products can be reduced, this saves on polishing glasses by hand.
Thanks to its unique proven membrane design of the Bluewater Pro 600 cleans the feed water entering a dishwasher of almost all known water impurities, including limescale.
Bluewater Pro harnesses patented technology to deliver enhanced
water quality in a world where tap water taste and safety can no
longer be taken for granted.
Chris Camp the MD of Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd. has been installing and maintaining Domestic and Commercial water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, filtration & purification systems, Purifiers ultra violet sterilisation units, since 1975. Call 01354 740896 or 07534 419 276


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