Close Talker? Cure Bad Breath with the Breathealer a natural alternative to Colgate Total.

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The Breath Healer
All Natural Ingredients
Freshens Breath Naturally so it’s safe for children.
Travel Friendly
Get up close anywhere. The Breath Healer can go everywhere with you.
Confidently Group Talk
No need to shy away from the crowd. With the Breath Healer you can be assured your breath will be fresh.
Get in Real Close
With the Breath Healer you can get intimately close with confidence that you will have fresh breath.
Mouth Cleaning Range
The Breath Healer has two other companions to keep the entire mouth clean.
Completely Perfect
Your significant other will Love your Fresh Breath.
How to Use the Breath Healer
Squirt 2 pumps of Breath Healer into your mouth. Use your tongue to move it around and then either swallow or spit leaving Fresh Breath.


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