Del Mar, CA Integrative Medicine Clinic Offers Deep Tissue Massage For Pain From Past Injuries

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The Center For Advanced Medicine can craft a course of treatment for you that blends alternative treatment options with traditional medicine.
The center recommends that patients seeking relief from muscle pain discuss a course of treatment with their professional team.
You can expect to receive treatment that may include structural alignment therapy and a detoxifying diet plan, both of which can aid in the healing process.
Their new treatments, which include both lymphatic and deep tissue massage techniques, may be able to reposition damaged tendons for long-term relief.
These treatments can be especially effective for people suffering from nerve pain, be that from psoriatic arthritis, hormone imbalance, or repetitive stress injury.
If you have been receiving treatments that just don’t seem to provide the relief you need, why not try something more personalized?
Their holistic medicine professionals can build a treatment plan that targets the root causes of your illness or pain, not just the symptoms.
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