Excel Performance Media Launches e-Store Tailored to the Needs of Domiciliary Care Nursing Agencies

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Revolutionizing Home Healthcare: e-Publishing.org.uk Launches Innovative Media e-Service

Today, we’re excited to share groundbreaking news that promises to reshape how domiciliary care nursing agencies connect with their communities. 

Exciting News for Home Health Care Agencies! Join us in this video as we explore the groundbreaking launch of e-Publishing.org.uk, a dynamic media e-service dedicated to transforming the visibility of domiciliary care nursing agencies across the UK.

Discover Home Healthcare Like Never Before:

Learn how e-Publishing.org.uk is reshaping the future of home-based healthcare services, providing hyperlocal exposure and fostering meaningful connections within communities.

Key Highlights:

Omnichannel Hyperlocal Exposure: Explore how e-Publishing.org.uk leverages technology to bring targeted content to specific geographic areas through various media channels.

Real-World Impact: Dive into success stories from domiciliary care nursing agencies that experienced increased Maps exposure, calls, and customer engagement during the pilot phase.

Insights from the newsroom: Hear directly from the head of marketing, as he shares the vision and mission behind this revolutionary e-store.

Industry Transformation:

Learn about the partnerships e-Publishing.org.uk has formed with leading domiciliary care nursing agencies.

Get a glimpse into the platform’s plans and innovations set to empower agencies in delivering high-quality, personalized home-based healthcare marketing.

Get Involved:

Explore the e-store at www.e-publishing.org.uk and witness the evolution of healthcare media.

Share this video to spread the word about the innovative media strides in domiciliary care nursing agencies and the positive impact on communities.

About e-Publishing.org.uk:

e-Publishing.org.uk is on a mission to elevate the visibility of domiciliary care nursing agencies, providing them with a powerful e-service to connect with their communities and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of home healthcare.

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