Expert Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chip Cole Offers A Fresh Look At Facial Beauty

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This is a book from a plastic surgeon who doesn’t recommend plastic surgery for most people under 25 – and only for a very few above that.
‘Face Change: Methods for Looking and Feeling Your Best’ is a thorough resource for anyone interested in self-improvement – both external and internal.
Dr. Cole’s book examines the multi-faceted issue of facial appearance through the lens of the doctor’s 28 years of clinical experience.
And if you’re curious about what goes on behind looking your best, this is perhaps the only book you’ll ever need to read.
Addressing the need for science-based information in the field of facial skin care, Dr. Cole undertakes a step-by-step analysis of the various factors at play.
This includes a breakdown of the root causes of facial conditions like acne and sagging skin, and practical solutions that can be implemented with the right professional guidance.
An essential chapter of the updated book is “The Kids Are All Right: Looking Your Best Through The Teenage Years” – and that’s a game changer!
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