Fun Coloring Book Features Cars, Trucks & Construction Vehicle Activities For Kids

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Looking for something to occupy your two-year-old?
Sit down with motivational blog Law Of Attraction & Vibration’s coloring activity book!
So you have played pat-a-cake, sang some songs, finished painting, and you were just about to reach for the dreaded glitter weren’t you?
Two-year-olds huh?
Well, don’t do it! Instead, why not check out the motivational blog’s activity and coloring book? Learn and have fun with your toddler at the same time.
Written by author, life coach, and founder of the blog site Judy Luca, the book helps toddlers learn and grow. She has written and published over 20 children’s books.
The new title captures the essence of the blog’s ethos. Following the philosophy of the ‘law of attraction’ the blog aims to help people of all ages create positive mindsets.
Click on the link in the description to find out more!


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