Get Free Speech Web Browser & Integrated Search Engine For Unfiltered Newsfeeds

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If you dream of a truly democratic internet experience, where all users are free from censorship, you need TUSK.
The new browser is an alternative to the dominant platforms like Chrome, DuckDuckGo and Brave, which use algorithms that shape and limit your browsing experience.
TUSK is targeted to American Patriots like yourself, and it offers you a built-in integrated search experience that removes bias and allows for fully uncensored free speech. 
TUSK is confident that there is a desire in the community for breaking news and top stories that are completely censorship-free. 
The unbiased browser is built around a central news feed that features both unfiltered and filtered content, with an option for curated news for American Patriots.
It also includes an integrated search engine and gives you easy links to approved media outlets of your choice. 
TUSK, ‘The Free Speech Browser’, was launched earlier this year by a collective of passionate American Patriots and entrepreneurs who believe there is a better way to browse. 
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