Get Pregnant Naturally Book Teaches You To Improve Your Work-Life Balance For Fertility

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If you’ve been dreaming of having a baby, but you just can’t conceive, new hope has arrived with Dr. Attilio D’Alberto and his new fertility advice book.
The new book, which is called ‘My Fertility Guide: How To Get Pregnant Naturally,’ is based on Dr. Attilio’s 20 years of experience as a clinician treating infertility.
It also draws upon the findings of over 350 research studies, including those that reveal that reproductive issues in both women and men are currently rising at an alarming rate.
According to ‘My Fertility Guide: How To Get Pregnant Naturally,’ there are many changes that you can make to your lifestyle before you turn to IVF, sperm donation, or other ARTs.
Dr Attilio’s book focuses on optimising your environment by getting rid of the food, cosmetics and home products that contain harmful hormone disrupting chemicals.
It also focuses on optimising your diet, which means choosing nutrient-rich foods that can help to regulate your body’s hormones and increase your combined fertility potential.
The book also recommends that you optimise your lifestyle by focusing on essentials like exercise, maintaining a work-life balance and aligning your mind, body and spirit.
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