Get The Best Ortho-K Lenses For Myopia | Top West Point, NE Eye Care Center For Vision Correction

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Are you concerned that your child has myopia and needs glasses? Your child may have an alternative to glasses. Contact Northeast Eye Care to find out what that alternative is.
Individuals with myopia can wear gas-permeable Ortho-K lenses overnight that reshape the surface of the cornea to give clear vision when the lenses are removed in the morning.
With the current increase in this eye condition in the United States and advancements in lens technology, Ortho-K is becoming a popular way to correct myopia in the U.S.
Northeast Eye Care is a full-service vision care center that has provided comprehensive eye care for its patients since 1951 with locations now in West Point, Pender, and Oakland.
Urgent eye problems will be handled promptly during or after office hours, including treatment for pink eye, conjunctivitis, chemical exposure, blunt trauma, and more.
The professionals at Northeast Eye Care conduct comprehensive eye exams to take care of all your needs, including common eye diseases and the overall health of your eyes.
Are you ready to see if your child’s nearsightedness can be corrected before it becomes advanced? 
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