Get The Best Quality Personalized Neon Light Décor For Your Home Or Workplace

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Neon MFG provide handmade glass neon and LED illuminated signs for businesses and home decor. Both premade and custom signage is available.
All the company’s signs are handmade and come in small, medium, and large size options.
Signs can be built for both indoor and outdoor use, and mounting and hardware accessories are included.
Neon MFG’s glass signs are manufactured using traditional manual processes which include the craft of heating and hand-bending glass tubing into neon strips.
The technique dates back to 1912 and the company continues to employ traditional production methods utilizing high-quality design materials and skilled craftsmanship.
For those who want a personalized sign, the company’s Custom Design Team are on hand to guide them through the design process with step-by-step communication.
A neon sign builder is also available on the website for customers to create their own text-based design. This feature allows the text, font and background to be customized.
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