Get This Easy VAT Refund App For Tourists Shopping In Lyon & In France

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Traveling anywhere outside of your own country is not what it once was. So if you could skip a lineup or two wouldn’t that make things just that much easier?
With the Wevat app, you can do just that!
Wevat is a 3-step VAT refund app that makes claims lineups and documents filing a relic of the distant past.
If a trip to Lyon, France is in your future, plan for a quick and reliable VAT claim on all purchases amounting to €100 and more using Wevat.
Just download your app from the Apple store or Google Play, register, and fill in your trip details.
Select your preferred payment method – a choice between bank transfer, credit card refund, Alipay and WeChat Pay – and you’re ready to go!
When it’s time to wrap up your trip you can skip the VAT claims forms process by tapping your phone at a Wevat-supported kiosk to get that refund started.
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