H2Ocean’s Patented Sea Salt Mouthwash Is The Proven Remedy For Xerostomia & Dry Mouth

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If you’re battling dry mouth or xerostomia, consider today your D-day because thanks to the science of sea salt, your war is over!
A recent study concludes Arctic Ocean and Lemon Ice Sea Salt Healing Rinses produced by H2Ocean LLC are proven to combat dry mouth and xerostomia.
H2Ocean offers a full line of natural, organic, sea salt-based products with plant-based ingredients that ensure efficacy and are safe for all ages.
If you’ve been diagnosed with xerostomia or you battle dry mouth, you can rinse with Arctic Ocean or Lemon Ice Sea Salt mouthwashes to get this problem under control.
The rinses are formulated with xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps prevent dry mouth and keeps plaque from forming on your teeth.
And lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme that forms part of your innate immune system.
Tried the moisturizers, and the toothpastes, and those sugar-free lozenges? Now you can ditch all that and turn to H2Ocean mouthwashes for the solution you deserve.
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