Healthcare Staff Optimization Software for Workload & Performance | OptimizeFlow Part of Project 10K

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Adrienne Lloyd’s healthcare workflow software, which is now part of Project 10K, will help you maximize your staff’s productivity.
Mass resignation of healthcare workers can put your hospital in a financially fatal tailspin. Avoid pushing your staff into that situation by employing OptimizeFlow!
The healthcare optimization software helps you visualize your team’s performance to avoid burnout and poor patient management.
OptimizeFlow is paving the way for better, more efficient workforce management for healthcare service providers.
A study done by the Office of the Surgeon General found that healthcare workers are often overworked and burnt out from the number of patients they have to take care of daily.
However, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are hesitant to hire more workers because of the seasonality of the heavy workload.
Project 10K sees the potential of OptimizeFlow’s growth and widespread use because understaffing in healthcare is an issue in many countries, including the US.
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