Houston Scrap Metal Wholesaler Recycles Used Material Across US To Sell Abroad

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Have you ever wondered what your scrap metal is worth?
C&Y Global has built an international recycling business on buying the scrap that nobody wants, and their wholesale collection centers are eager to answer that question for you!
From old engines, to radiators, to wires, to ceiling fans, C&Y is turning your trash into treasure at a global scale.
The company has shown remarkable growth since its founding in 2004, as it continues breathing new life into our discarded metals.
A recycling company may not be most people’s idea of a titan of industry, but C&Y is proving, year after year, that perhaps it should be.
Now boasting eight wholesale scrap collection sites across seven states, the company is prepared to buy just about any metal that you can think of.
C&Y is honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in their actions with each customer. No customer request or requirement is too small.
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