How to retrain your Subconscious Mind, Subconscious Change, Basic Course

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Train your Brain and Mind.
Train your mind to respond to you. Not to itself. Conscious mind is 5% of daily thinking.
Your Subconscious Mind Is 95% of Daily thinking…
Do you know what you are thinking? Are you aware of the thoughts? Conscious and Subconscious?
Life doesn’t just happen to you. Not as an adult. You have choices. In order to take control you have to get aware.
Aware of every thought. Every word, every idea that passes through your mind
If its not worthy of your time or actions you have to get rid of it.
This simple idea is where most people struggle.
Because your were not taught to pay this level of attention.
Training habits can happen in only a few ways.
Habituation- or repeated action.
and Subconscious Knowledge- Meaning your brain already knows it and understand it.
Can you train your brain subconsciously to operate how you need it to easily?
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