How to Train your Brain and Mind Part 2

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How to Train Your Brain and Mind Part 2
To train your mind you have to understand how it works.
There are 2 things you need to know in order to easily understand your mind.
1st. Your mind has the ability of awareness. See your awareness as light.
2nd. Your brain has many areas, or groves, there we know things. Things like…
Food, friends, money, happiness, family, anger, cars, sex, places, books, tv, music…
With your awareness- that light. You can travel around your brain.
You can put your awareness anywhere you want!
Think about your favorite book, See it feel it, read it. With the light move your
awareness to a place you like to vacation. really feel it, be there… move it to a pet.
Wherever you take the light, you will see what is there. The light is your energy.
Where your awareness goes your energy flows. What you think is where you focus.


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