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Water Treatment
Humidifier ro water treatment Cambridge 07534 419 276
Aquamaster Water Treatment Specialist 07534 419 276

July 27th 2019

Bluewater Pro 600 CV HR and Pro 400 CV HR are ideal for providing high quality purified water for humidifiers. Call 07534 419 276

All Bluewater Pro HR reverse osmosis systems are direct flow, and can deliver upto 6 litres per minutes pure water.

The Bluewater Pro 400 and 600 are compact in design and produce high quality water for humidifiers.
Bluewater Pro high purity quality reverse osmosis water supplied straight to your humidifiers.

Bluewater Pro fits nicely into a kitchen cupboard that can be used to deliver high quality drinking water for home or commercial kitchens.

Aquamaster Water Treatment Specialist provides Reverse osmosis systems (RO) as an effective and economic way of removing minerals from feed water to humidifiers. Call 07534 419 276


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