LCXwire publishes Top 5 Web3 Project To Invest in 2022 & Complete Layer 3 Crypto Coins List in PDF

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LCXwire publishes Complete Layer 3 Crypto Coin List in PDF
Identifies Top Web3 Projects
Strict qualifications were required for high placement in LCXwire’s Top 5 projects
The Top 3 Projects
Among the highest ranked Layer 3 projects are: #1 Helium, #2 River (FLUX), and #3 Filecoin
The 2022 Layer 3 Coins List Published
LCXwire’s research provides the most complete Layer 3 crypto coins list available, most only list top 10 coins
Web3 Crypto Coin List in PDF
The entire Layer 3 crypto coins list is also available as a downloadable pdf with a link in the article
What is Web 3.0?
The article explains what Layer 3 technology is and identifies the difference from Layers 1 & 2
Why Layer 3
Surging demand from users and scalability have become increasingly more important issues on today’s crypto
A 3 Part Solution
The multi-layer structure of blockchains provides an efficient solution to the scalability trilemma
A Big Problem
Impossible to move BTC to Ethereum and utilize crypto across multiple decentralized finance apps or vice versa
Layer-Three (L3) Solutions
Layer-three solutions aim to supercharge distinct blockchains with the cross-chain functionality
The Internet of Value
An internet where value is transferred as easily, cost-effectively, and reliably as data on the web
How To Invest in Web3?
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