Lengthen Your Dog’s Life & Reduce The Pains of Old Age With This Guide

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For dog owners it can be sad to see the pets we love grow old and suffer the diseases, pains and infirmities of old age.
A 21st century natural drug – rapamycin – now lets pet owners increase the lifespan of their dogs and slow down the progress of old age diseases.
LongevityLITE’s new guide shows the beneficial impact of rapamycin in helping dogs live up to 14% longer with a much higher quality of life.
Dog Aging Project trials began in 2014 and are in Phase 3. They predict lifespan increases up to 15% and slowdowns in the onset of multiple ailments.
Studies show rapamycin interventions delay or reverse molecular mechanisms of aging. Dog owners giving rapamycin to pets are seeing similar results.
Gift Rapamycin to your dog. Check out the guide for more info!
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