Mind Rewire Live Event Houston,Texas. Reprogram the Subconscious, Basic Workshop. Energy Healing

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Subconscious Change… Houston, Texas. Mind Rewire 2 Day Transformation Basic Work Shop
A Rapid Transformation Workshop that Helps you Claim your Life. And Teaches You how to Reprogram your Thoughts and Subconscious Mind
Discover how your thinking Directly Changes your Behavior and Your Life…Learn a simple technique to change your thought patterns
Event being held at Pixies Intent- Houston, Texas. Event Price $150 There is Limited seating Book Now
Rewire Your Mind and Structure Your Thinking so it Automatically Defaults to the Things you Desire in Your Life.
#Mind Rewire, Breaking..
Rewire Your Mind
Houston, Texas Pixies Intent
Call for more Information and tickets
(832)831-8405 MindRewire.com
Jan 19


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