New Research Shows Exciting News For Fresh Breath

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At last the secret to fresh breath is revealed
Fort Lauderdale, USA
New research shows exciting results with a remineralizing material that diffuses into the surface structure of tooth enamel.

Knowing how people hate going to the dentist, Dr Derek Golding went looking for and comparing materials that could help strengthen tooth enamel and freshen breath.

He discovered that nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite have the potential to remineralize enamel when compared with fluoride and would be beneficial in promoting remineralization of tooth enamel with regular daily usage.

Using a new proprietary formulation Dr Golding and his team of scientists successfully incorporated these nanoparticles into their popular Breathealer, breath freshening gel.

Squirt 1 -2 drops of the gel onto your tongue, Allow Breathealer’s ingredients to mix in with your own saliva’s beneficial components and swish for 60 seconds around your mouth, It is safe to swallow. Derek Golding


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