Office Water Cooler Gold Coast Expands QLD Subscription Service: Plumbed-in Water Cooler Dispenser

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Water Cooler Gold Coast, a leading provider of office plumbed-in water cooler dispenser solutions, announces the expansion of its QLD subscription service, offering offices a convenient and affordable way to keep their employees hydrated. This expansion caters to the growing demand for hassle-free and cost-effective hydration solutions in the Gold Coast QLD region. With a variety of plumbed-in water coolers dispensers to choose from, including benchtop, floor-standing, and sparkling water options, Water Cooler Gold Coast has the perfect solution for any office size or preference. To learn more about Water Cooler Gold Coast’s QLD subscription service and explore its range of water coolers dispensers, visit:

“We are excited about expanding our subscription service in response to the increasing demand from our valued customers near the Gold Coast QLD,” said Matthew Frost, Managing Director of Value H2O, the parent company of Water Cooler Gold Coast. “Our goal is always to offer our customers a convenient and budget-friendly solution for fulfilling their office’s plumbed-in water cooler dispenser needs.”

Why Choose Water Cooler Gold Coast’s Subscription Service?

– Convenience: No more running out of water or dealing with bulky bottles. Plumbed-in water coolers provide a constant supply of fresh water.

– Cost-Effective: Subscription services offer significant savings compared to purchasing bottled water.

– Variety: Choose from a wide range of water cooler dispensers to suit office needs and preferences.

– High Quality: Water Cooler Gold Coast is committed to providing the highest quality products and services.

– Environmentally Friendly: Plumbed-in water coolers eliminate the waste associated with plastic water bottles.

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Value H2O, the parent company of Water Cooler Sunshine Coast, has been providing high-quality water to businesses since 2012. Value H2O is a leading provider of office water coolers, supplying and servicing water coolers throughout QLD and NSW to more than 10,000+ happy customers. Value H2O operates from Australian locations in Hervey Bay QLD, Sunshine Coast QLD, Brisbane QLD, Gold Coast QLD, Ballina NSW, Newcastle NSW, Central Coast NSW, Sydney NSW, Wollongong NSW, Albury NSW, and their respective surrounding areas.

Fully Australian-owned and operated, Value H2O provides economical and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional bottled water, representing true value for money. Value H2O’s present customer base includes commercial complexes, distribution centres, factories, warehouses, sports & medical centres, retail outlets, reception areas, professional suites, pubs, clubs, and childcare facilities.


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Address: Unit 619 / 180 Heslop Road, Gaven QLD, Australia

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Water Cooler Gold Coast
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Address: Unit 619 / 180 Heslop Road
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