Online Reputation Review Statistics 2018 : The Importance of Online Reviews

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Online Reputation Review Stats 2018
1 Google Review
74% of local businesses have at least 1 Google Review
#3 Google Maps
Businesses appearing in Google’s top 3 local positions have an average of 47 Google Reviews
Most Likely Business To Have Reviews
Bars, restaurants, and hotels are the local businesses most likely to have Google Reviews
Least Likely To Have Reviews
Accountants are the least likely industry to have reviews on Google
Average Google Reviews
The average Google Reviews star rating for a local business is 4.42 stars
Poor Reviews
Senior living services, car dealerships & hotels have lowest average Google star ratings
More or Less?
5% of businesses have a Google average star rating below 3 stars, while 61% have 4-5 stars
Highest Star Ratings
Photographers, alternative therapy businesses, and marketing services have the highest average star ratings
Top Ranking Businesses
Top-ranking businesses more likely to have higher star rating than those ranking lower in the top 10
92% locksmiths have G reviews
Locksmiths have an average of 48 Google reviews
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