Order Challenge Coins In Unique Shapes With Reeded Edges: Get New Police Designs

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Policing is as dangerous as it is important, and showing appreciation for the hard work the members of your department do every day is essential.
As a veteran-owned and operated business, Gray Water Ops knows this better than anyone. Thats’ why they are offering new services to promote that idea.
They have introduced a number of new design templates for police departments to use when designing custom challenge coins, including unique designs and custom shapes.
You can bulk order customized coins, with individual units engraved with the names and ranks of each member.
In addition, their in-house design team is available for consultation to create stunning custom images based on your requests.
These coins also feature proprietary NFC chip technology, allowing you to program each coin to instantly transfer data when passed over a near-field receiver.
With so many design options to choose from, your department will surely appreciate the fine craftsmanship. Order yours today!
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