OriginTrail update v6 2022 increases visibility of International supply chains on the blockchain.

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Tracbison has published a new article, which sheds light on the most important aspects of Origin Trail’s v6 updates and what it brings to traceability for global supply chains.
By using UALs digital and physical assets can now be stored and searched for on the Decentralized Knowledge Graph.
This featured heavily in a project from 2021 where an NGO; Aid Trust, built a successful pharmaceutical asset tracking solution on OriginTrail.
The project was in partnership with the British Standards Institute, to ensure that v6 can fully supports industry standards such as; the new GS1 EPCIS 2.0
Something that Government users such as those in the United Kingdom will find comforting in a post-Brexit world. Where lack of visibility still causes delays in delivery of goods.
In the article it notes that: ‘Previous versions of OriginTrail have made it possible for all groups of users to connect and verify information…’
‘…The v6 now magnifies both the scale and the scope of capabilities given to DKG users as they transform data publishings into the omniverse of assets.’
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