Overcome your fear and embrace a new successful you with these ways

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Move towards your fears. When you confront challenges instead of shying away you start becoming stronger.
Switch your routine – Make small and meaningful changes to your daily routines to break out of ruts that exist
Take nothing for granted. Avoid taking your business and relationships for granted to be less complacent.
Try something new until you feel comfortable. It may take some time, but it will be worthwhile.
Give up control. You will find freedom in your business and life when you hand over tasks to others to do.
Ask searching questions that others don’t. Doing this will enable both you and others to find the truth.
Speak to strangers. Talking to people opens up the mind as well as opportunities that you never imagined.
Agree to do something you normally would not. The experience may bring out something new in you.
Create and regularly look at a list of growth goals. This will keep you focused on what has not materialised.
Use a camera for creating information for your stakeholders and for your marketing or tutorials.
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