Pop Hit Of The Summer, ‘Loco for the Coco’ by KEBA, Has New Music Video Streaming On YouTube

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KEBA’s highly anticipated clip for ‘Loco for the Coco’ dropped on the 29th of June. 
If you’re a fan of KEBA and her distinct brand of Caribbean pop, you can now view the video on YouTube, where it is streaming exclusively. 
The Trinidadian singer has quickly drawn both critical and popular attention with the release of her three debut singles ‘Somebody’, ‘Pillow Talk’ and now ‘Loco for the Coco’.
Fusing more conventional elements of R&B, soul and pop with the distinct beats, sounds and subversive energy of West African Calypso, you’ll love KEBA’s catchy yet unique music. 
Through the ‘Loco for the Coco’ video’s oneiric cinematography, hazy lighting and glittery costuming, KEBA embodies La Diablesse, a notorious Trinidadian folklore figure.
In doing so, she both reframes the ‘objectified woman’ as an anti-hero and takes on the sexual fetishization of Black women.
KEBA matches her fierce lyrical energy and political prowess with her immense musical talent as a singer-songwriter and rapper.
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