Pregnant Women & Postpartum Depression Sufferers In NYC Heal At SoHo Clinic

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NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy’s guided imagery therapies recognize the immense stress and anxiety which are typically connected to infertility.
They offer you and your partner an outlet for expressing and dealing with these difficult feelings in such an emotionally charged time. 
For many women, infertility often leads to profound anxiety, depression, guilt, hopelessness and feelings of worthlessness. 
In their guided imagery hypnosis sessions, the clinic’s psychologists will take an integrative and healing approach to your infertility and IVF issues.
They use positive visualization techniques to help you address your anxieties and fears, promote deep relaxation, and improve your core partner relationship. 
They can also help you if you are pregnant and feel overwhelmed with other anxieties, or if you have recently been pregnant and are now battling postpartum depression.
NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy is the home of experienced clinical psychologists Dr. Sera Lavelle, Dr. Samantha Gaies, Dr. Sara Glazer and Dr. Karolina Pekala.  
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