Protective Travel-Ready Storage Case For Ledger & Trezor Crypto DeFi Hardware Wallets

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The Crypto Merchant has added several new hardware wallet protective cases to its store, including the Casematix military-grade case.
This hard case is compatible with Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet models, but the malleable foam interior can accommodate most other pocket-sized portable wallets as well.
The case contains enough space to comfortably fit two Ledger wallets, meaning it can do the same for other options of similar size.
The Casematix case is resistant to most external forces; it is crushproof and drop-proof owing to military-grade construction.
It includes an o-ring seal to keep the contents safe from water and pressure, with a three-layer rubber and foam lining that makes the case highly shock-absorbent.

The case measures roughly 6x4x2 inches and can fit comfortably in any luggage or suitcase while providing greater protection against the elements.
Discounts and expedited shipping are available for a limited time in celebration of the holiday season, so don’t wait!
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