Sacred Rebel Healing Retreat Carlsbad Ca. Alignment, Mindset, Healing

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Healing Retreat NEWS
Sacred Rebel Healing Retreat
Carlsbad, Ca
Healing Event Announced by Sacred Rebel Healing Retreat Leaders.
Do you feel like you are running from life instead of running to it?
Sacred rebel healing retreat will help align to the goal you desire. There is no failure or success, aligning with your highest potential will take you to the next level.
Find your true self. Upgrade your DNA, and learn to walk around as the new you!
Rekindle that childlike wisdom, and learn the Guru’s tricks and techniques that will change the way you think, live and perceive your world.
April 5 – 7 2019.
Location: Cape Rey Carlsbad, Hilton Resort
1 Ponto Road, Carlsbad, California, 92011, USA


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